North Carolina to Washington State

On an August Sunday, our son and grandsons were on opposite sides of the United States. Photos show a great contrast of urban living and wilderness splendor.

We went to church in Tryon because we were there once before and enjoyed the traditional Lutheran service chanted by the Pastor. We walked to the edge of the parking lot to see the lovely stream that runs behind the church. It’s a good thing I couldn’t see it from the sanctuary, or I would have been greatly distracted. We had lunch in Landrum, SC, and I took a photo of David and Nathaniel. David drove himself back home to work, and we took Nathaniel to Charlotte.

Would you like to see pictures of his dorm? He worked at the university all summer and has just moved to the suite he will share with three others when the next term starts. I’m sure you can label the photos yourself – shots from the kitchen, the living room, his bedroom, and the balcony.

Johnson & Wales has an urban campus, smack dab in the downtown area. Nathaniel’s suite is on the seventh floor. Neat Nate had everything put away in the kitchen. The living room will come to life when the others bring in a TV and decorative items. Everything is in place in his bedroom. I wish I’d taken a shot of his closet where clothing is sorted – cooking clothes on one side and civilian clothes on the other. The balcony photo speaks for itself. Nathaniel will share a bathroom with another fellow. Two bedrooms and a bathroom mirror theirs on the other side of the kitchen. The four students will share a washing machine and dryer in the common area. This bears almost no relation to my college experience of dorm living.

Now for the contrast. Look at John $pencer’s temporary quarters in Washington. He was studying a map. They spoke of being surrounded by goats one night and thankful Sadie didn’t bark.

Rose took a picture of $ and Sadie on the trail. With a little imagination I can see my son, but I can’t find Sadie.

$’s joy is visible as Rose had him pose with a glacier. They heard low noises while camping near the glacier and are wondering if glaciers make sounds. Does anyone know?

38 thoughts on “North Carolina to Washington State

  1. Nate looks really settled in his new rooms/I like the fact it has Wales as part of it’s name. Glaciers speak all the time as pressure is applied to the ice. An avalanche is preceded by noise.
    Massive Hugs

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  2. I love Washington state and have explored much of it. Yes, glaciers make noises. When bits of ice break off it is called calving and it can be quite a loud cracking sound. Nates accommodations look fabulous. He will be happy there. xo

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    1. That’s marvelous that you have explored Washington. We’ve not been there yet. I’ll send your comment about glaciers to $. Nathaniel is adaptable and is generally happy wherever he is. That’s a blessing in itself.

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    1. $ said he was more comfortable in NC bear territory than with goats and moose. I presume that is because he has dealt with black bears and knows how they will react. He certainly has a healthy respect for them.

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      1. That’s good as I was about to turn in my “girl card” since I’m so messy but I figure a little is rebellion for all those years of having the rooms and outside neat as a pin. (Whatever happened to that expression?)


          1. Thank you Anne – that sounds like a plan! Funny about Nathaniel being a neatnik while being away. You had taken pictures of his dorm room last year when he began school and it was as neat as a pin


  3. I have been a Lutheran all my life, but I guess I have never been to a traditional Lutheran service. I can’t ever remember our pastor chanting the service. Now I will have to try to find one!

    That trail in Washington is beautiful! Does it make you want to go?

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    1. There was always a choice of chanting or speaking the Lutheran liturgy. We had a chanted service occasionally at our former church in NY, mostly for Christmas and Easter. The church in Tryon, NC, has the chant every Sunday. If you have hymnbooks in your church, look in the front and see if there is music there for the service.

      We got as far as Utah this summer. Washington? That’s a LONG way off!

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