Halloween with Logan

Neighbor Logan (9) makes Halloween worthwhile. He came dashing through the rain after school, proudly wearing his costume. I kept myself from asking what character he was, because I would probably have lost stature in his eyes for not knowing. I’m short enough, as it is.

His eyes zeroed in on the bowl of candy by the door, only for a nanosecond, before he looked at my face. Now if that isn’t self-control, I don’t know what is. Take a proud bow, Shawn and Bob, for training in good manners.

I was surprised that Logan took off his shoes, because I thought he would have too many other things to do than spend time here. He said he could stay for a little while. We had a drink and played with a balloon. I used my hands; he used his feet. As he bounced around, he shared that he had broken a record of the school. If I understood him correctly, that school has existed for 38 years. I don’t know what the previous record was, but Logan ran a mile in 6 minutes, 11 seconds. No wonder we thought he ran very fast in our yard! He’s a winner, that’s for sure.

I had two items for him to find today. Usually I hide a granola bar for him, but this time he was to look for two packs of orange things. He quickly found the faux-Lego pieces in the dining room. His choice was to play with them here or take them home. Home won. When he left, I put the blocks in a bag and dumped all the candy in, as well. Some day he might realize there were hugs included with every piece.

Proud warrior

44 thoughts on “Halloween with Logan

      1. My professor said last Thursday, that he and his wife live on an isolated road with only 3 houses, so every year, even though his wife keeps candy handy, they have only one or two trick or treat-ers.


        1. We have one a year. David and I have nibbled on the leftovers. There aren’t many pieces left, because I bought only the two kinds that Logan said were best. Do you eat American candy bars? My dad was a dentist, so we never had candy in the house.

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      1. I can’t believe I messed up like that. But I have to share. We had this one kid show up as a dinosaur and he was absolutely adorable. He said it was hot “in there” as he waddled away. I think it was more costume than he bargained for. I would guess he was about Logans age and size. Cute!

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    1. Logan participates in all the school sports, and his parents sometimes enroll him in outside teams. They say he is short for his age, and despite that, he can run! He had a rough start in life, being taken away from his mom by the state when he was two years old. Our neighbors fostered him then and adopted him when he was four.

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  1. I don’t know the super heroes or TV characters either – I’d have to just smile and say “what a great costume!” You don’t want to say “cute” if “ferocious” or “scary” were better choices. 🙂

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  2. Good for Logan! I, also, have no idea what the costume is! I wouldn’t ask either. I did that to my grandson when it came to Avengers and whoever the other super heroes are…..He just heaved a great big sigh and told me again. For the life of me I still can’t get it straight.
    My sons all ran cross country. The best one at it was my middle son, Luke. He was also the shortest but boy could he run.

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  3. So you’ve switched your hugs to candy pieces, eh? I remember them being in rolled dough we played with while. you baked bread. Seriously sweet post, and yay Logan for breaking records 🙂


  4. Love the Logan tales. Wish he would visit more and we would get more to read of his exploits. The balloon kicking seems fun- glad he broke a record. It is great for young people to have people validate their achievements- in the long run, it pays off. He will always cherish those memories. I guess Logan is too big for real hugs from his “grandmother”.


    1. We were asked not to hug Logan. He was abused before the state took him away from his mother, and the therapist said people should not do physical things with him. Shawn and Bob adopted him when he was four years old.

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  5. I never knew that story of Logan either, so sad, but you guys are wonderful surrogate grandparents for him. Tell him congrats for being a winner at school, having good manners, and rocking that teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume or whatever it was, lol! 🤣


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