Party after Mount Mitchell Hike

Son John $pencer planned a hike near Mount Mitchell for his siblings and nephews. The only comment I can make is that all of them enjoyed the scenery, the exercise, and the company. John and I had his car serviced, and we met them on the mountain. We were going to a restaurant for a late lunch. Instead, we shopped for potato chips, ground bison, hamburger meat, hot dogs, potato salad, and baked beans and ate at John’s and Rose’s place. As often happens, Nathaniel ended up near the grill. He was chatting with Rose and $ in this photo.

We made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed the feast.

Nathaniel, Lise, Rose, John $, John, and Kate

Hammocks were a hit. David sprawled in one as John $ set up the other one.

Nathaniel took a turn with arms and legs dangling.

I wondered if he would really fit in it and soon saw the answer. He is so long and straight that he made the hammock look like a bathtub.

Rose had a chance to sit on a hammock while she petted Sadie.

A big food hit were the S’mores. Kate brought graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey’s candy. John $ built a fire, and the younger sets roasted the marshmallows. David always heats his marshmallow slowly so that it is molten in the middle without being burned on the outside.

Kate roasted hers, and Nathaniel did one for me. He and I like the marshmallows burned on the outside. For those who haven’t had one, a S’more is an informal dessert made with a roasted marshmallow, a few squares of Hershey’s chocolate candy, all sandwiched between graham crackers.

Lise enjoyed hers to the fullest, knowing she is not likely to have another when she goes home to Denmark.

The Johns, father and son, relaxed while the rest of us hung about the fire.

The drive back to our house took about 1 ¾ hours. I think everyone but the drivers of the two cars took a nap. Fresh air, a long walk, good food, and lots of laughter made us all sleepy. It had been a most satisfying day.

30 thoughts on “Party after Mount Mitchell Hike

  1. Nice day but now I want a smores. I learned after being married for a long time that hubby and I had different ideas of what is required to make one. I call his a poor man’s smores… They used Saltines and peanut butter with marshmallows. I remember making some over the old stove eyes as a kid when there was no camp or campfire.

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  2. The house looks like a vacation cabin in the woods! S’mores! Haven’t had those in ages. You need kids to roast the marshmallows for you. I’m with you on a little brown on the marshmallow makes them good!

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    1. The house that $ and Rose have is normally an AirB&B, so it is a vacation cabin in the woods. I agree that children are necessary for roasting marshmallows. They like doing it, and I like not doing it.

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  3. I wish I could enjoy yummy food like that! Smores make me think of childhood when things like diets and female problems were never thought of. (Too much sugar gets me in trouble every time)
    It must be still cool there since everyone is in long sleeves or jackets! It’s 91 degrees here today with horrible air quality due to the Saharan Dust storm. Glad yall got to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and good food!


  4. That looks like another fun day. Did you like the bison burger or stick the regular hamburger? I know that bison is big right now. I’ve never had it before. I like the cabin in the woods and that campfire especially. Bet they have done a lot of stargazing out by the fire. I laughed at the guys in the hammocks, especially Nathaniel. 🙂 John and $ clothing colors are similar, like they are in the same band.


    1. $ bought the bison for me, and that’s what I had. I loved it, but I would have been highly satisfied with a regular hamburger. Rose and $ spend lots of time outdoors. I didn’t notice that father and son wore the same colors. I’ll have to look again.

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          1. Well you and John see John $ more than Kate and Lise (up until COVID-19 that is) … so lots more interaction with your daughters and Nathaniel since it’s been a while to visit with him as well due to COVID-19.

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    1. I failed to mention that we were at the house our son and Rose are renting. They camp a lot, and I think they often take the hammocks with them. John $ set them up in seconds, making it look easy.

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