Memorial Day

Our neighborhood gathering for Memorial Day had to be one of the best ever. All the neighbors you’ve seen before were here, as well as two new ones, a couple of temporary ones, family and friends. What a convivial group we had!

Before the party, our street looked normal until grandson David carried six chairs and four small tables outside. They were stack-able, so he made two trips. I caught the action as John and David set up the long table.

The next time I looked out, the grills were in place, and a round table appeared. When I started carrying food out, Holly was decorating the long table. How festive! There are two things I’d like to feature – the cook and the cake. Jeff deftly grilled all the meats to perfection. Someone suggested I take a photo of the cake Shawn made before it was demolished. If I hadn’t been blinded by the sun, perhaps I would have taken the flag flying in the right position. It’s history now, as the cake found a welcome in our tummies. Delicious!

Many people make a party fly, doing things no one sees. Jeff’s household provided paper plates, utensils, garbage bags, and the removal of filled garbage bags. Everyone brought food, and several provided chairs. At the end of the party, the grills were dragged back to their homes, and the more able-bodied carried tables and chairs inside. Several people said they missed David and wished he could have partied with us instead of going to work.

In this set of photos there was one extra body (the white dog) and one big omission. I didn’t take a picture of everyone’s favorite boy, Logan!

18 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. How old it’s memories. ? Lovely pictures. Nice decoration for food table. Testy cack. Enjoyed the party. I am glad.


  2. What I love the most is that your neighbors look so much like my neighbors(though mine are a little more ethnically diverse.) I mean they look like regular friendly approachable no nonsense folks. I would be at home in yours as you would be in mine.


  3. That’s so nice Anne – you know I am envious of your get togethers with neighbors as it always looks to be a nice time. That cake is awesome looking – glad you could get a shot of it before it was demolished. I know you fixed a plate for David for when he returned home from work. I’m thinking people were flame-broiling on their grill and not patronizing BK, so David likely had a slow Memorial Day shift. I thought of David today – BK’s 68th birthday and they were giving free Whopper Jr.s and a retooled special crown today.

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      1. Well how cool is that? Did you ask David if he knew it was BK’s birthday? I heard that on the news yesterday. My all-news station tries to lighten the news a little with fun stuff and they were talking about the “new-and-improved BK crown” and the free Whopper Juniors. Happy belated birthday to David!

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  4. Great neighborhood your in down there. Poor Logan, the forgotten child. We all gathered a 1/2 mile award y at daughter Kathryns. The Davies Crazys arrived from Germany for a 2 year tour in DC.


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