David’s Birthday

Grandson David is usually a closer at work, so he often eats breakfast when we are thinking of lunch. I was going to put his doughnuts on the table with a plate, mug of water, a candle, matches, and a sign that said “Do it Yourself Birthday Breakfast”. He surprised me by getting up to eat breakfast with us! I put a candle in a doughnut, and we sang Happy Birthday to him.

We ate lunch at the restaurant of his choice, so I took a photo of the birthday boy and Grandpa.

John insisted my presence had to be recorded, too.

We spent the afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway, noting that mountain laurel was at its peak. I made David pose with one big bush. The ones in the valley near us are fading and drooping now. In this area, altitude is the key factor. There are often two seasons at the same time – one in valleys and another high on mountains.

In the Smoky Mountain National Park we spotted four elk in fields near the road. There were two volunteers with stop signs, hanging around near one pregnant female. They would have stopped traffic if she had begun to cross the road. David chatted with one of the volunteers, and she asked if he had seen the baby kick. He watched closely and thought he saw a quick little bulge on her side. She said elk are a bit like deer in that they give birth alone and afterward hide the baby while grazing.

John pulled off the road for me to enjoy a gurgling stream. The bank was a bit steep for me, so David went down to check it out.

We ended the day with a used cake. Our church was given slightly damaged baked goods that couldn’t be sold, so we brought home a chocolate cake that we first shared with neighbors on Memorial Day. The cake I had made with David in mind was lemon, one of his favorite flavors. We’ll finish it next. We, not the elk, will be the ones with bulging stomachs.

16 thoughts on “David’s Birthday

  1. I enjoyed this post, Anne, and I am still laughing at the “used birthday cake” ending. Thumbs up to John for getting your picture, and that did indeed look like a steep climb [she said while noting that David did it with both hands tied behind his back–piece of used cake, eh?]

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  2. I wandered through Reader (behind again) as I figured David’s birthday was a post … he looks happy and stuffed with donuts and cake. These are great pictures and a happy celebration. Happy belated birthday David!

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  3. Wow so nice birthday doughnut. It’s pretty look good. “Happy Birthday to your grandson’s David! God bless you 😉. Enjoyed!
    Nice getting your picture. I like!

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