Lonely Balloon

The first thing I saw when I walked in Dollar General was a balloon making its way down the aisle. Other balloons were tethered to the top of the shelf, unable to escape. After browsing a bit, I saw the escapee was moving forward, obviously wanting to go home with me. I couldn’t take in another one, having two at home already. I looked at the photo just now and was surprised at what my eyes saw. It looks like it has a triangular nose and two big, sad eyes. Poor thing! I hope someone else had pity on it.

John walked outside with me to his seat, where railroad ties make a retaining wall half way to the stop sign. He rests there to get his breath and sometimes pets CAT while sitting. We split to go separate ways, he to the courthouse to get excused from jury duty and I to the creek. On my way up the steep hill, I saw this amusing sight.

Is that the Elf on a Shelf in summer clothing? He has no hat or scalloped white collar. Do you think he can hang on until Christmas?

29 thoughts on “Lonely Balloon

  1. Those balloons do seem to have a mind of their own sometimes. We had one that wandered around the house one time. Once Bob was out on his tractor and he saw a balloon come down and land in a tree. He stopped and retrieved the balloon, and there was a note attached from a school child somewhere (up in MIchigan someplace if I remember correctly.) The note said that their class had set balloons loose with return-notes on them asking the finders to let the sender know how far the balloon had traveled. I guess with the right wind currents they can travel a long way. 🙂

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      1. They were pleased, they acknowledged his return of the note in the balloon they sent…I don’t recall whatever came from that. I know it came from another state, and I think Michigan, which is in the neighborhood, kitty-corner across Lake Erie from around Detroit.

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  2. Oh Anne you make my life so much better. My laugh out loud moment at the start of my day. Can he hang on?? I hope I hope


    1. The green figure is usually put out as a warning that children are there. You should slow down and be ready to stop. The funny part is the little toy that is hanging there. It is a Christmas elf that has nothing to do with the green figure.

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  3. Interesting about the green yard art – never seen anything like that and I wonder the significance of the Elf on the Shelf … at least Elf was not in the Creek!


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