King Logan

Wait until you see King Logan!!

I had no idea Burger King celebrated its 68th birthday on grandson David’s birthday. Blogger Linda from Detroit let me know there were coupons that day and a special crown. (She writes about walking in her area and feeding squirrels and birds. See her blog here.)

Knowing that David has a collection of cardboard crowns, I asked if he had seen this one. Yes, he had, but he hadn’t picked one up. The next day, neighbors Logan and Bob stopped to greet John and me as they drove past on their way to get breakfast and run an errand. There are many fast food places in town, and John mentioned his favorite breakfast sandwich from Burger King. They decided then and there to head to BK. I suggested to Logan that he ask for a free crown, not thinking that he would do it. A little while later, there was a knock on the door, and it was Logan. He showed me two crowns from Burger King and said to choose one. I chose the fancy one, after which he insisted I keep them both. I was struck dumb by his thoughtfulness and generosity. What other almost-12-year-old would do that?? I thanked him, but I didn’t even think of taking his photo. Rats! What a missed opportunity!

Hours later when we came back from an errand, we heard Logan shooting hoops at the bottom of his driveway. He ran up to the street to speak to us. Would he be willing to let me take his picture while wearing one of the crowns? Yes, but he wouldn’t stay because he was waiting for his dad to start a project.

Here is the photo I wanted. You see? This magical boy made my dream come true!! What a guy!!

King Logan

If you are looking at the picture, please nod your head to recognize the kindness and royalty of this king of my heart.

Logan said again that he had to go be with his dad. The more I thought about it, the more impressed I was. These days, many lads have no dad in their lives. Logan not only has parents who adopted him, but he chooses to spend quality time with them. He shut our front door quietly and RAN home.

28 thoughts on “King Logan

  1. Sweet for so many reasons. Not only is Logan “King for a Day”, Anne is “Queen for a Day” for always acknowledging people. I remember when I would be at my Grandma’s and we had to watch “Queen for a Day” every afternoon…in black and white.

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  2. So beautiful & reallyKing of Logan. So pretty Logan picture. I much like. I hug to. You have celebration for Logan birthday. I wish to Logan. God blessing!Anne is “Queen for a day always! You like burger King & sandwich. Beautiful crown ❣️
    I like !

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  3. I’m glad David is able to get a crown for his special day or he may borrow yours. Thank you for the shout out for passing along into that BK’s birthday and David’s were the same. They should do something special for BK employees that celebrate the same birthday as BK. Thanks also for the shout out of my blog. Logan is a special boy and not many pre-teen kids have his qualities; none I’ve ever known, that’s for sure.


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