Muscadine Grapes

I believe it was childhood friend Tom who spoke of muscadine grapes. He saw them while hunting, if memory serves me correctly. People talked about muscadine jelly and wine, although I don’t think I ever had any. When I saw them in the supermarket, curiosity made me buy a pint. I tried one before offering them to David. I’m not sure he will want a second one, so it is up to me to finish them.

There were two or three seeds in each grape, easy enough to separate in the mouth and get rid of. I began with a whole grape and chewed endlessly on the skin. The consistency was something like rubber gloves. Learning by doing, I cut the next one in half and scooped the pulp out with my teeth. By concentrating, I could discern a faint flavor of grape. Was it worth it? I don’t think so.

Muscadine grapes

Has anyone else ever eaten a muscadine grape?

41 thoughts on “Muscadine Grapes

  1. Never have I ever eaten a muscadine grape, nor drank muscadine wine. It is one of those types of wines that does not appeal to me, like moscato and other sweet wines. I did get a laugh out of the rubber glove skin story!


  2. When I was a kid the neighbors behind our house grew muscadine grapes, lots of them. It is possible that kids snuck into their yard and gorged on the grapes even though it wasn’t allowed. Not saying who did this, of course.

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  3. Sound like concord grapes that we have here. Skin is tough and they have seeds. You suck the meat through the opening where the stem was. I got very good at it. They are sweet so it’s sort of worth it but more as a novelty than on a regular basis. They make wonderful juice and pies. Oh, yes, and wine.


  4. I’have never even heard of them before. Never i have eaten Muscadine 🍇. Never have I ever test any wine.
    But i know some wine flavor. You have take its wine .


  5. Just 7 or 9 miles from our home is the Richard Childress (of NC racing fame) Vineyards and Winery. It’s quite a beautiful site. Much of the wine in the store, served in the dining facilities is from muscadine. We had wild grape vines in my childhood home in NY. They lined the property between us and the neighbors. The first time I bit into a muscadine grape in Florida my mind immediately flashed back to lying under the wild grape vines with Raymond and Cedo, the neighbor kids. We spent plenty of time under those vines getting too much of a good thing!


  6. I have never had those type of grapes Anne, but I have had green grapes, that were purchased at a big produce market as opposed to the grocery store and the skin was really tough. I’m not a fan of dark grapes for the seeds.


  7. I loved muscadine grapes. Daddy used to make wine out of it and yes, the skin is not eatable, but discarded. There’s usually only three seeds in each, as I recall. David reminds me of hubby, who never gives anything a chance, if he initially dislikes it. lol. The do tend to be chewy, but best for jelly or wine. The vines will grow wild and on tall trees, if I recall and most of the fruit tends to go to the birds, as it is generally unreachable. Because my father used them to make wine, he had a whole row of them he’d cultivated, though in my opinion, the wine was not my favorite.
    I seldom put the whole thing in my mouth but squeezed out the pulp with my fingers and then spit out the seeds. I have to say, I laughed when you said rubber gloves as I’d not even attempt to chew one, so the visual was hilarious. Thanks for the memory recall.


  8. I love muscadine grapes. When I was a child, I would climb trees to get to the grapes. The insides should be very intense and sweet, most don’t try to eat the hulls.


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