Slumber Party

I had an unexpectedly exhilarating weekend. Neighbor Shawn and I had a slumber party! She was taking care of grandchildren in a nearby town when her son Logan tested positive for COVID at home. She needed to be home for the weekend, yet she couldn’t risk exposure because she was going back to the grandchildren three days later. The fun solution was for her to spend the night at my house. We did what most preteen girls would do – talked into the wee hours with laughter and giggles.

The camera wanted to record many things, but I shoved it back in my pocket. It would have been an invasion of privacy to show Shawn and Bob visiting six feet apart on my porch. Bob had been taking care of Logan and had to keep his distance. They needed time to catch up on all that had been happening.

Shawn said to keep it simple when I asked what she would like for breakfast. I was up first and threw together a cinnamon coffeecake. It certainly looked thrown together, because I accidentally jiggled the oven shelf when I pulled it out to check it. Ours fell flatter than a pancake. We, along with David, picked at the mess anyway. The smaller one for Bob and Logan looked a bit nicer.

When Shawn took a simple dinner across the street for Logan and Bob, she brought back beautiful dahlias from her garden. I let the camera out to record that. Rather cold temperatures are in the forecast, and Shawn said we should enjoy the flowers while they looked good.

When we went out for a walk, Bob and Logan were outside. We walked separately to the end of the street, stopping to talk to neighbors who were decorating their drive. I asked if I could take a photo, and they insisted Shawn and I should be the ones with the pumpkins and flowers.

Near the stop sign, we chatted with Lisa and Harmony while Logan ran on one side of the fence and dog Rosie on the other. Ever on the move, Logan ran among the trees at Cindy’s house. The camera delighted in watching that.

Shawn spoke of the pumpkin farm nearby, and we planned an impromptu field trip. Every year the farmer displays pumpkins lined up behind price signs and leaves a locked box for people to pay on the honor system. I could have kicked myself for not taking a picture of Lisa, Harmony, and Shawn picking out pumpkins.

I missed another opportunity the other day when Lisa and Rosie walked to the creek.. It’s a tradition to have a photo of people who go there with me. When we got back to our area, I asked them to pose. This is my consolation prize.

41 thoughts on “Slumber Party

  1. Slumber parties are good. When Donna and I traveled together to Massachusetts that last two years, even though we shared an apartment and a long, long car ride, we never ran out of conversations. And in the motels, because we were in the same room we talked until one of us started snoring Great post and pictures and i love that you “personalize” your camera!


  2. This is such a Rockwell post. And he was one of my favorites of all time so that’s a huge compliment. Thanks for sharing and bringing the beauty of neighborhood interactions to life.


  3. This sounds like a fun evening Anne – I remember my last PJ party/sleepover like it was yesterday, but I don’t think it was as fun as this one. Hope Logan makes a speedy recovery – he looked healthy bopping around in the yard.


                1. Typically we get a bit of wind and lots of rain from hurricanes. No nearby creeks threaten us and no danger of flooding.

                  Shawn stopped the car to speak to me as she came back from taking Logan to school. He is covered in poison ivy! I don’t know where he got it, but it must be miserable.

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                  1. That’s good – I just watched some videos on Twitter of the devastation in Florida and now in South Carolina. Just terrible and gut-wrenching to watch. I think John had family in the Charleston area didn’t he – his sister? I remember you went for birthdays sometime.

                    Poor Logan – you’ll be handing over your calamine lotion to him to help with the itch. I’ve never had poison ivy before – knock on wood I don’t get it wandering around the woods.


                    1. John’s sister and husband moved, and we never had a chance to see their new home. I suspect they are closer to the ocean than they had been. We saw photos of the retirement complex on line, but never in person.

                      Logan went to the doctor and probably got something stronger for his poison ivy.


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