When the Frost is on the Punkin

“When the Frost is on the Punkin”  is the first line of a poem by James Whitcomb Riley, and it came to mind when I walked past Connie and Charles’ autumn display. I saw frost on the mulch, NOT the pumpkins. To my surprise, I saw the white blush on the photo. Too often I take a picture and find what I wanted to show does not appear at all. The temperature was 35F (1.67C) when I went out to walk.  We had a frost, not a hard freeze, so the plants have not keeled over yet.

24 thoughts on “When the Frost is on the Punkin

  1. It is cooler here, and actually chilly today. My plants are starting to feel the difference. I am fairly sure I will not want to be walking in 35 degrees, though! Good for you for doing it anyway!


  2. The temperatures in Georgia have dropped early this year. It was so cold I had to put a blanket on my horse Harlow yesterday and today. I walked outside in the morning and the big guy was trembling. Thankfully he’s cozy now!! 🥰🤗 Lovely picture and thanks for inviting us on your walk with you (metaphorically).

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      1. We have two small stalls but Harlow (my horse) broke through them and busted a post and a gate when we had to keep him cooped up for a bit this spring. My husband is working on fixing it this weekend. Just in time for winter I hope!! I have to physically walk him to his stall because it’s not in his current pasture but once we cut trees for the larger pasture I’m sure we’ll have something built over there.

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  3. Strange that your temperatures have been colder than it is here. I think it is supposed to go down into the 40’s tonight. That will be our coldest so far. I put the quilt back on our bed. I hate cold feet.


  4. Here is not cool. Normal’ temperature. That will be your cold weather. I walked outside in the morning. So beautiful picture. Good your health you going morning walk. I like. Iam so happy 😊!


  5. The NY house had some snow, and I hear Whiteface mountain did as well. Our leaves are shriveling and flaunting yellows and some reds, but no white yet….


  6. A few years ago we had a light snowfall before Jeff took the carved pumpkins off his front porch – it was fun taking pictures of them and the red leaves covered with snow for a post. It is very cold in here now yet the heat has not come on since I’ve been home. I am looking forward to curling up under the comforter when I go to bed. We will get to 75 for a few days then have frost. Not ready for this cold weather as 10 days ago I was in a sleeveless shirt.


      1. I’m finally getting ready to climb under mine. I was trying valiantly to finish in Reader but am still about two days out. I would normally put it up to 72 but I have the tech coming October 18th … they never called me to renew the yearly plan and I called them and said “I didn’t get a bill, no phonecall and we need to schedule the furnace for its check-up.” We usually do this in mid-September and I couldn’t get in until October 18th. I think everything is okay, but it needs a new humidifier pad so tried to keep it at 70 so less running the furnace. I think it changes seasons too quickly!


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