Washed my Teeth and Brushed my Hands

I had already washed my hands and picked up the toothpaste to use in the normal way. Instead, I was looking at hand lotion and squeezed toothpaste onto my hand! At least the shock of that kept me from hitting my forehead with my toothpasted hand.

Yes, I’m still a miser. The toothpaste went on the toothbrush where it belonged, and I went to bed before my brain absented itself again.

22 thoughts on “Washed my Teeth and Brushed my Hands

  1. Once when Chris and I were dating I grabbed a tube of what I thought was toothpaste while visiting his parents. Ended up being gear lube and I didn’t notice until it was in my mouth. Not good. Won’t do that again. Glad you didn’t brush with lotion.


    1. I’m sure my mouth dropped open when I saw I had put toothpaste on my hand. To save energy, I hope I kept my mouth open until the toothpaste was safely inside. When you do something that crazy, you’ve got to laugh and get others to laugh with you.

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