We were expecting a thunderstorm but were surprised at the intensity. David was sitting in the family room when lightning hit nearby, followed by a crash. The thunder knocked a painting off the wall. It, in turn, took angels and a Danish nisse to the floor with it. None of the figures were harmed, but there is a small tear in the sky of the painting. I am very sorry about that, because it was painted by neighbors Shawn and Bob’s daughter. They will look at it with me and see what can be done to repair it.

Our weather forecast included snow. It did snow here, not just in higher elevations, and so far we have about a zillionth (of whatever measurement you use) of accumulated snow on the ground. I enjoyed watching it, even when it looked more like rain than snow.

33 thoughts on “Thunder!

      1. I meant the image of “hole in the sky” like the real sky, not the hole in the painting. It just made me think of a poetic image, not that the painting getting torn was symbolic. Sorry for the confusion, and of course it is good that the tear is not worse and can hopefully be repaired.


        1. No confusion on my part. It’s my job to confuse others. I’ll change my point of view and consider a hole in the real sky. Today there has been a snow hole in my sky. I’ve watched snow falling much of the day, but it hasn’t been able to accomplish a thing. That sky hole did not let freezing temperatures go with the snow. Others consider that a blessing, but I was longing to see the snow accomplish something.


    1. I didn’t have sense enough to be frightened. I was too busy taking a lightning quick shower. I was wet when the lightning struck and raced through getting the shampoo out of my hair. Thankfully, the electricity did not go out, so I had hot water to finish.

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  1. Growing up during a thunderstorm my mom would say God was moving his furniture around, or God was bowling. It sounds like a whole lotta shaking going on up in the Heavens. I’m glad you didn’t get the likes of what Alabama and Georgia got – yikes!


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