Kacey Goes to the Creek

This is Kacey’s first official portrait at Jonathan Creek.

I’m in there, too — a shadow of my present self, looking like Gumby.

The really exciting part of the adventure was racing Rosie.

Kacey cooled off by eating ice from a frozen puddle.

22 thoughts on “Kacey Goes to the Creek

        1. The last few days I’ve gone out the garage door where there are no stairs. When I get to the street, I test for ice with one foot, not trusting my eyesight. The roads have been dry so far.


    1. I wondered if anyone would know who Gumby is. It was 20F when we left the house, but we didn’t get cold. I’ve probably never walked to the creek that fast, although I couldn’t keep up with Kacey.


      1. I know Gumby. He was once a little green slab of clay…right? Can’t he walk into any book with his pony-pal Pokey too? Seriously Anne, I am singing through the show’s beginning. I have a curious talent for remembering jingles from shows and commercials. You know this makes me want a Gumby. Your legs really did look like his shadow. Thanks for the good memory.


      1. I know. We’ve had Dot for almost 7 years and there are still things she’s afraid of. (like ladders) So you just never know, but we know she is happy with us. Lia, on the other hand, never has a bad day, but she may have had a tougher life initially. I’m so glad you are giving Kacey a good home.


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