David Helps a Horse

When grandson David takes Kacey outside, he generally walks around our property several times. This morning he saw Vixen, a horse in the pasture behind our house, caught in barbed wire. He couldn’t see any way to free her, so he called me on the phone. You might guess, my first thought was to get a photo. He sent it to me, and I shared it with neighbor Joyce., whose property also borders the pasture. I couldn’t see the wires until I put it on the computer screen after the crisis had passed.

While waiting, David took a second shot. Joyce enjoys those horses as much as we do, but she had no contact to call. David said Vixen had one foot on our land.

David called an anonymous neighbor who came right over. He grew up on a farm and is comfortable around big animals. “Anon” persuaded Vixen to back up so that he could untangle the wires. Soon she was free and went to the shed on the hill where she could get hay to eat. “Anon” continued working with the barbed wire, getting it off the ground and reconnected to the rickety gate. His face has been blurred in the photo. He observed that Vixen might have been there for hours, judging by the amount of manure on the ground. We were all relieved that the horse was finally free.

37 thoughts on “David Helps a Horse

    1. The pasture owners should repair their fences. No one else pays attention to them. We had cows in our yard several times because of a gap. Anon helped shoo them back several years ago. Life in the country can be exciting!

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    1. Kacey was left in a crate much of the time and hit with a broomstick. She began to trust the people who rescued her, and now we are earning her trust. I think the owners of the horses come by to check on them regularly. They would have rescued Vixen eventually.


  1. Oh that poor horse. I wonder why it didn’t call out? I would think you would have heard it if you did. You have the best neighbors! So glad you all saw it and worked together to free that lucky, beautiful horse.


  2. So glad to hear the horse is okay. We once were in a similar situation while visiting in Jamaica. Goats are allowed to roam freely there, and while walking we came upon one with a leg tangled in a loose strand of barbed wire. Every time it pulled against it the wire seemed to go deeper. We unwound the wire. The animal was alongside another goat that was standing free, after we removed the wire, it just stayed put. Its leg was injured and bleeding from the wire. We hoped we did the right thing as there was no one around to notify.


  3. I’m glad this story had a happy ending. My dad was always checking his fences for this very reason. It’s terrible when a horse (or any animal) gets caught up in barbed wire. Good for David for noticing and finding help.

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    1. Vixen walked away from the barbed wire and didn’t look back. We subsequently saw her grazing as if nothing traumatic had happened. It’s good she had sense enough to stand still while entangled in the wire.

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