Lise’s Spring Visit

Daughter Lise lives so far away (Denmark) that we try to make every moment count when she is here. The first photo was taken at a favorite restaurant in Asheville.

Below are Easter breads Lise brought from Italy. She worked in Milan for several weeks and loved the people and the food there. The first was a small one, almost an individual serving. A broken tulip indicates the size. The chocolate covered one was huge, resting on a large dinner plate. It was filled with tubes of soft chocolate. Both were delicious.

Bread on a small dessert plate
Chocolate bread displayed on a large dinner plate

I remembered to have Lise take a selfie the first time we walked to the creek. Walking is an exercise we both enjoy.

Sunburst is my favorite waterfall. For the first time, I didn’t stay on the bridge, but went out on the rocks that line the stream. For some reason I started the video. I don’t know what I wanted, but result has amused me. It shows how people get in place when asked to pose together This took longer for them, because the rocks were uneven and slanted. The still shot was routine. When you put the two together, you have the brief history of the photo.

Arranging themselves

36 thoughts on “Lise’s Spring Visit

  1. Such a fun video! I cannot help but smile when I see you and Lise smiling side by side. And bread with chocolate tubes inside? That sounds like my kind of bread. Ya’ll are all looking wonderful!

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  2. I love this so much, and missed your writing! (not a guilt thing — I know I haven’t been writing much, either). Really loved the behind-the-scenes prep for the photo and final result. Very fun. Well done, you, for getting rocky!


  3. Very nice you sharing your daughter Lise’s Spring visit. Nice Easter bread with chocolate looked tube shaped. Love the video and stiil shots. Iam so glad she is back, she lives too far away. Well done, you for getting Rocky .


  4. That’s a great selfie shot of you and Lise. I like the prep for the rocks video – David and Lise made it look easy to stand there on the slippery rocks and remain cool as cucumbers.


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