Creeks and Waterfalls

I try to get a photo each time a new person walks to the creek with me. This time it was a new group – daughter Lise and neighbor Lisa, with Lisa’s dog. Rosie is a St. Bernard/poodle mix, a beautiful dog and really full of life. The young women climbed down to the edge of the creek so that Rosie could get a drink.

The same highway I cross going to the creek goes past Looking Glass Falls. The difference is that I am in a valley, and the falls are across a mountain from here. I’ve lost count of the number times I’ve been with visitors to see the falls. I always stayed up on the road, being concerned about the number of steps to get to the base. This time, with David’s and Lise’s encouragement, I walked down there. I took this photo of their backs.

Lise turned a camera on me as I walked up the steps. It was remarkably easy, but then I wasn’t trying to run up, as many young people do. Yes, I did have a feeling of satisfaction, knowing I could do it again if I wanted to.

The next morning I saw Kacey on Lise’s bed. She might have been “helping” Lise finish work for the day. When Lise is here, she often works starting at 4 in the morning, when her co-workers are in the office in Denmark. She takes her lunch hour at 8 am to walk to the creek with me. It works out well.

18 thoughts on “Creeks and Waterfalls

  1. Kacey and Lise are becoming a good friend. Beautiful you sharing your walk with new person at creek & waterfall. Lise nice
    capture your walk up the steps. You enjoyed with neighbour Lisa, Lisa’s dog & daughter Lise.


  2. That’s great Anne – you went to the base of the waterfall and have pictures to document that fact. Good for you! Kacey has made herself at home resting alongside Lise while she works.


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