Easter Time

Daughter Lise and her friends in Denmark often make wraps with rice paper when they are together. She set out the fixings for us the day before Easter. We dipped one rice paper sheet in water, laid it on a plate, filled it, folded it up, and made a mess of eating it. It worked better with the second one. The fillings we had were lettuce, mango, cucumber, carrot strips, bean sprouts, chicken, shrimp, and a peanut sauce Lise made.

David and Lise posed with the rice paper package. After Lise went home, David and I had another round and felt we were getting better at handling the wraps.

I was amused that the three of us were taking photos of the food we had for Easter. It was a break with tradition, since they voted for the casserole we usually have for Christmas instead of ham. Lise wanted the standard green bean casserole, and I added neighbor Connie’s grape salad.

It was colder than usual the day after Easter. Here is a photo showing ice in the hummingbird feeder. I probably did not see it right, but I thought I saw the jagged bottom of an iceberg hanging down into the cold water.

For those of you who celebrate Easter, do you have a traditional meal for the day?

31 thoughts on “Easter Time

  1. Those wraps look like fun! Unless you consider spaghetti a traditional Easter dinner, then no we didn’t have one. We didn’t even have a chocolate bunny! But we did have four of the neighbour girls (between 4 and 11 years old) over for juice and homemade muffins and mini chocolate eggs mid-afternoon. That was fun.


  2. I love rice paper rolls! We would normally have roast lamb for Easter but decided to have roast chicken this year.


  3. We had ham which we haven’t had for Easter in years. Since my mom died, it’s been a mix. We always talk about her ham though. She would get a specific ham and boil or simmer it in water. It was fabulous. Not dry or salty. I haven’t been able to duplicate it but I think hams are made different these days.


  4. Growing up my mom always baked a ham she would attach pineapple rings and maraschino cherries to the top with toothpicks and make a glaze with the pineapple juice, cherry juice and brown sugar. We would usually have potato salad and other side dishes.
    In recent years I have broke with tradition. This year we kept it simple with lasagna, salad, garlic bread and strawberry cheesecake.


  5. I was going to buy a ham for Easter but Daniel decided he was cooking. We had smoked pirk belly tacos and Charo beans. Not your usual Easter fare. But there were just four of us. I bought a ham after Easter so we’re having it with homemade potato salad, asparagus and rolls with, maybe, a lemon meringue pie. Nicholas has been bugging me for split pea soup so I need the ham bone.


  6. I hope you had a good Easter with family, Anne.
    Nice you share Easter time. Beautiful & Delicious food dish. Nice paper rice. Beautiful all pictures.


  7. I have never had rice wraps but the meal looks interesting. Also interesting is your hummingbirds may be having “slushies” for their treat. The hummingbirds are now in Michigan, but I’m sure they’d turn back if given a chance. I was walking home yesterday and got caught in a snow burst and in the course of just a few streets managed to get soaking wet.


      1. A few years ago an Oregon blogger had an icestorm which was uncharacteristic for their region. Sabine has a large perennial garden but still has hummingbird feeders out. So I believe it was March or April, so their hummingbirds were already there, but no flowers to sip, so she was using some type of warmer to keep the feeder from icing up. She said there were lots of hummingbirds there knowing her feeders were a “sure thing” – so she had several on the go, swapping them when they empty. 🙂


      2. Anne – I found that post if you want to see it – I’ll send it separately in case it goes to your SPAM filter. There is one hummingbird that she named “Daniel Düsentrieb” and it seemed she was feeding him the most of the hummingbirds. I forgot that she lost power after the ice storm, so the heater no longer worked, but she kept swapping out the feeders. The ice looks beautiful, but they had a lot of damage to the trees. I wish she still had her blog. She had shingles in her eye and didn’t blog for a long time, then got a puppy and was training him and is a hobby painter – her and her husband are retired.

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              1. Yes, they are tough. I didn’t put my feeders out yet because we have been having a hard freeze every night and I didn’t want them to crack – they are the low tray feeders like Sabine had. We had freezing fog this morning, so I was back in my lug-soled boots in case it was slippery at the Park on the path near the Creek.


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